Web Cartoon Strip Creation

Web Cartoon Strip is the latest addition in the AdWize bouquet of services.

Image speaks a thousand words, and when the visual has fun or comic element in it, then it becomes all the more engaging and effective. This is our mantra in creating Web based Cartoon Strips.

Cartoon or Comic Strips can effectively and very simply communicate the most complex of messages. Hence we use our creativity in coming up with storyboards, or storylines, to effectively represent your message, service, product or brand. Since there is an entertaining side of it along with a visually interesting representation, they are sure to hit many eyeballs and engage with them.

Comics or cartoons are liked by people of all age groups, and hence is all the more effective. Due to agreement with our print partner, the in-house comic series, The Entretainer, has been removed from public viewing. Please contact us for further information.