HREP - Human Resource Engagement Program

Why is Employee Engagement / Internal Communication required?

All departments of an organization face challenges to communicate effectively with employees. The need for employees to be aligned to the goals and policies of the organization, and be actively engaged in various organizational activities, stem out of the simple fact that, improved employee engagement would result in increased employee connection with the organization. The goal is to turn organizations into a family for employees.

Every department has specific roles and responsibilities. Need to look into the effectiveness of employee engagement and internal communication for each department is an extra effort, resulting in extra cost in terms of time. Thus arise the need for a medium to help increase employee involvement in the organization by supporting the HR / allied departments (like Finance, Corporate Communication, Employee Health Plan, CSR, Facilities etc.) and management in focusing on more important business goals.

What is AdWize Human Resource Engagement Program (HREP)?

AdWize HREP is a strategic communication E2E framework empowering organizations in effectual employee engagement, or HR Engagement, ensuring increased employee attachment. AdWize HREP engagement is the first of its kind in the industry - building a satisfied workforce leading to lesser attrition and time for departments to concentrate on their core responsibilities. Adwize has been driving the HREP engagements in various organizations for over a year. HREP is a medium for a "synchronized departments" reaching the employees through effective internal communication.

How is HREP implemented?
Corporate Communication
AdWize engages with partners to understand their needs, analyze current employee engagement state and designs a creative goal-oriented and informative framework for employee engagement. Each solution in custom made to suit an organization's goals. The complete Corporate Communication architecture is planned and implemented seamlessly across the organization.

In addition, AdWize ESat Survey (Employee Satisfaction Survey) brings to the table the most advanced analytics and creativity to understand the Internal (Work / Process / Infrastructure) as well as External (Industry / Economy / Company Performance) metrics / factors affecting the employee perception of the company. The Employee Satisfaction Survey is anonymous, and handled as a 3rd party by AdWize, leading to greater effectiveness and openness of feedback. The employee satisfaction survey is presented in exhaustive and clear report with suggestions and pointers aimed at improving the Human Resource engagement and satisfaction metrics.

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