New Developments

The thinktank at AdWize is working on building niche list for every segment and industries, which includes article directories, blogs, webcast boards, review sites, and top sites in every category. Each of these sites are regarded very highly in their respective fields. With this ready information in hand, and with additions to the list every day, we are building a monster SEO list that would help us in relevant and contextual backlink generation of very high quality.

All these backlinks would be high PR backlinks, Panda safe backlinks, and go beyond just profile backlinks or Angela and Paul style backlinks. It would give you high search engine ranking for your website and enhance your website popularity. Unlike what you might have seen elsewhere, our backlinking strategy involves 2 clear goals -

1. Provide you with very high PR backlinks which are panda and penguin update safe.
2. (And this is cruicial) Actually try to generate traffic from backlinks by ensuring they are placed at relevant sites and are seen by visitors from the same niche.

high search engine ranking